How To Turn A Girl On Over Text

So, you have a specific girl in your mind. You think all time about her. You like her and want her to turn on over text, but you do not know how to do so.How to turn a girl on over text

In this article, I will provide some very useful and simple tips on how to turn a girl on over text.

You must keep in mind that not all girls do response in a same way when they receive a text from a guy.

The things that will be talked about will work good enough for the most of girls you will text with.

Tip #1. Use correct grammar and spelling –

Make sure all of you spelling and grammar is correct and that you texts can be easily understood. Do not think that it does not matter to girls. Girls will be instantly turned off with bad spelling and also with the constant use of abbreviations.

Tip #2.  Your text should be short and simple -

The faster she can read it the quicker it will get into her brain. Your trying to turn a girl on, not have a full blown conversation.

Tip #3. Find out what turns her on –  

Not all girls are the same so it is important to figure out what turns her on in particular. This is the only way you can truly build any foundation for a sexual relationship. You will have to do some research on her.

Tip #4. Use your words carefully to depict things in her  mind -

Being descriptive will help to imagine the things you want her to imagine. For example instead of “kiss” you could say “gently kiss”. Adverbs and adjectives will be your friends.

Tip #5. Make your texts full of excitement -

Girls love a challenge, make them work. Be playful and tease her. Don’t be too nice like other guys, and never be boring.

Tip #6. Your messages should always involve the girl in some way -

Never give her the chance not to say anything. If she asks you how good your day was, don’t just reply  with “It was good”. This is pretty boring and bland, she might not even reply to this text.

You should respond in a way that makes her want to say something back like “I just watched a movie and it reminded me of you”. This makes her think and curious of what reminded you of her.

Tip #7. You have to learn how to ask a girl the right questions -

If you want to turn her on you must keep her imagination on fire. Ask her sexual questions such as “What do you think you look sexiest in?” or “What do you wear when you go to bed?”.

Questions like this will begin to make her heart beat faster as her imagination starts to take over. You will know that she is turned on when she begins to ask you some questions also.

Tip #8. Text her when she is in bed –

Text her during the night when she is most likely in bed as it works better than during the day. Bed’s are known for main two things, sleeping and sex. If you start flirting with her while she is lying down, it will be hard for her not to think about it.

Tip #9. Be courageous to flirt with her -

Don’t be afraid to ask her questions or flirt with her. If she doesn’t initially warm up to you, then saying that it was a joke can ease any tension caused. Eventually as she understands you better she will begin to respond better to your texts.

Tip #10. Genuinely care about her -

Make sure she knows that you genuinely care about her and just after a good time. When she is feeling sad console her, when she is happy be happy for her.

Using these tips properly will definitely turn most girls on if not all of them. The more you practice the better you will get, and it won’t be long until you’re a seasoned veteran. Good Luck!

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